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The "ROFES - MONICOR" set of hardware and software

                                                                      New!!!  The Versions 3.24 and 4.12 work at tablets with Windows 10


The ROFES unit is connected to the PC via a USB-port or to the Tablets via a mini USB-port.

The diagnostics results of one measurement session shall assess up to 2500 functional statuses, potential health risks and symptomatic. And shall assess up to 70 psycho-emotional state assessments.

      Sphere of application

Wellness Technologies

   for Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Naturopaths:

  • To detect energy misbalance of field structures;
  • To authentically localize pathological process;
  • To make correlation between clinical and paraclinical diagnoses;
  • To observe the process of patient's state change in the course of treatment;
  • To control any physio-, energy and other procedures in real-time operation mode;
  • To control the efficiency of people with paranormal features treatment in real-time operation mode.
  • the ROFES set allows to study the dynamics of rehabilitation measures.
  • Detecting diseases of organs and systems at pre-clinical stage, at the stage of functional changes;
  • Comparative supervision of patient's state in dynamics with assessment if rehabilitation procedures efficiency;
  • Detecting predisposition to cancer at pre-clinical stage, adenoma of prostate, diabetes, alcohol abuse, narcotic dependence;
  • Detecting backbone's and musculoskeletal system's functional state;
  • Purposeful approach to laboratory diagnostics. Testing parasitosis.

   For family doctors - to examine and forecast hereditary and other illnesses in the family, to detect psychological problems that may become the reason of illness of family members.

See also section "Modes and technologies of the ROFES software".

Psychology, sociology

Psychological service of an organization can use ROFES for the following purposes:

  • Supervision of employees' psychophysiological state in order to detect the degree of nerve fatigue, for prophylactic of psychological breakdowns, for detecting the degree of risk before fulfilling an important task (access-control);
  • Assessing psychophysical innate abilities and suitability for work connected with high nerve and psycho energy spending, risk, high responsibility;
  • Detecting psychological compatibility in a team (sport, professional), brigade;
  • Part of professional human resources recruiting.

      "ROFES-MONICOR" components

  • Measuring unit
  • Set of sensors
  • 'Automated workplace (AWP) for a family doctor (acupuncturist, physiotherapist, medical psychologist)' software


  1. Obtaining integrated parameters of the body's adaptability to environmental conditions.
  2. Obtaining a psycho-emotional personal portrait according to the results of electroacupuncture diagnostics
  3. "Virtual Clinic" reference and consultation system.
    Telemedicine: receiving consultations from Russian and foreign specialists highly experienced in various fields.

      Wellness Technologies aspectes

    The ROFES device is intended for measuring electrochemical conductivity and frequency
components of body's biologically active points by three methods in order to operatively detect body's functional state,
to obtain the signs of clinical diagnoses and states and also to obtain patient's psychological characteristics together
with his somatic status (up to 2500 functional statuses, potential health risks and symptomatic.
And shall assess up to 70 psycho-emotional state assessments). At the same time, the system will calculate
the state of imbalance of all reflexology points of the 14 main meridians of the human body (746 points in total).
In addition, one can see the virtual interactive acupuncture model with these 746 points.


The software determines a number of integral characteristics according to the measurement results based on mathematic formalized data analysis:

  • Person's functional state is the total of components of the body's medical (clinical states) and its psycho-emotional background, i.e. the dynamic balance of a body as a living system is assessed during changes of environment - "homeostasis"; it is assessed by 5-point scale:
  • Person's Adaptation potential (%) is the index of a person's level of harmony as a balance of his internal states - physiological and mental - in response to environmental conditions; the index of readiness to realize his vital functions.
  • Vegeto-emotional tone is a psychological characteristic as the index of trophotropic and ergotropic tone (the need of receiving and giving energy).
  • Psychoemotional state is the state of body's compensatory forces.
  • Psychophysiological readiness is a combined characteristic based on the results of all integral characteristics.
  • Correlation of activity a sympathetic and parasympathetic systems

Expert System offers automated analyses of measurement data:

  • Automatic expert calculation of preliminary clinical diagnoses and psychoemotional states.
  • Analysis of backbone's functional condition.

See the variants of printed reports in the slide-show "Working with the ROFES software - Diagnostics module " (Power Point, 12 Mb).

This mode of the ROFES set allows to select the most suitable course of treatment, the list of medical and rehabilitating measures and forecast of the situation development according to the diagnostics result.

After finishing measurement the specialist receives in addition to automatic diagnostic conclusions:

  • Frequency characteristics' spectrum analysis of changes in body's meridian system with details on nosologies, symptom complexes, and syndromes (for more information, please see report... );
  • Graphical chart of body's meridian structure energy state (by meridians, basic elements, 6 KI, energy constitution YIN-YANG); see picture:

See analytic conclusions, results and additional resources in section "The ROFES software algorithms and technologies".

Biological Feedback Corrections

Bioresonance electropuncture and magnetoresonance correction of body's meridian system state. Creating selective signal for correction based on spectrum characteristics of patient's meridian system measurement results. Transferring frequencies to homeopathic carriers. (Biological Feedback Corrections - Power Point).

All correction is dosed and controlled by the device via biological feedback in real time mode on patient's state diagnostic result.

Selecting remedies and testing parasitosis

Selecting and testing remedies, dental materials, bio-supplements, personal items, etc. Testing parasitosis using any kind of nosodes.

Testing for compatibility by energy portraits

Energy and informational compatibility of people's energy portraits, colours, flowers, animals, interiors, etc.

Colour therapy

Specially designed modes of visual treatment with feedback on energy constitution state - 6 KI (6 basic elements).

See more information in section "The ROFES software modes and technologies" and slide-show "Working with the ROFES software - Diagnostics module" (Power Point, 12 Mb).

      Psychological aspect

The ROFES Scientific and Practical Tool (SPT) for collecting and processing psycho- physiologic information.

                  ROFES\MONICOR can help on-site psychologists to:

  • Monitor the functional and emotional condition of personnel in order to identify the degree of their emotional fatigue, prevent nervous breakdowns,
    and identify the level of risk before a critical task (job clearance)
  • Assess psychological compatibility within a team (i.e. sports, professional, etc.)
  • Screen for tendency to anti-social behavior patterns (i.e. suicide, drugs) and identify persons in need of psychotherapy


Certificate ISO/IEC 17067
Certificate of Inclusion in the State Register of Russia of Medical Products of 20 July 1998, No. 98/219-125.
The software has been registered at Russian Agency on legal protection of computer software (RosAPO) 970188 28.04.1997.
Patents for invention (RosAPO) 2202278 24.11.1998.  2556494 14.03.2013
The ROFES\MONICOR device can be used for researches and education

      Some historical patterns in case analyses of ROFES\MONICOR usage accumulated since 1995

  • An athlete must have consistently high Adaptation Potential (Analysis Level 1 Integral Assessment) while training for competition to expect a medal place.
  • Consistently low Adaptation Potential of a candidate shown by several ROFES examinations means that it will be hard for such a person to perform their job functions notwithstanding their high professional qualifications. Such person will spend more efforts and energy than an employee with high Adaptation Potential.
  • People with low Adaptation Potential are in the high risk group dealing with complicated assignments, particularly in hazardous processes.


Cost, Euro
ROFES\MONICOR    The ROFES set, versions 3.24  full configuration of the program

software for ROFES device

   "MONICOR method"  -  "ROFES" software 4.12 version    (Monitoring of conditions adaptation and correction) with a new mode of rapid testing and prevention of parasitic involvement .

   "MONICOR-MR"  -  "The European version". Device with software ROFES version 4.12 (Monitoring of conditions adaptation and correction MONICOR method) with a new mode of rapid testing and prevention of parasitic involvement.
(English, Swedish, German)
from 3600

   "MONICOR\ROFES" device with software 4.12 version (Monitoring of conditions adaptation and correction MONICOR method) with a new mode of rapid testing and prevention of parasitic involvement
(english version only)
from 2800
   Software update to 3.24 .

*   Price of the "ROFES\MONICOR" system in the countries with distribution rights is defined solely by the distributor and it depends of expenses for maintenance, marketing services, training and support.

**   All of the devices, MONICOR, MONICOR-MR and RegenU_3, are being manufactured by "Altaim" Scientific and Research Enterprise in Russia. Each contains identical software and functionality.
   Apart from working with the standard algorithms for the MONICOR method application, unique algorithms for its use have been developed by individual distributors that have worked with the equipment over the course of several years.
   All distributors will provide technical support and training for the use/application of the device and the purchase price per unit can differ according to what type of service a distributor is offering. .

   "MONICOR Home" device
Anti-stress - MONICOR mode.
Stress modulation mode.
The Test of Severity of Stress, based on the one pair acupuncture points in "Express - Monicor" program (Measuring time - 1 minute 50 seconds).
Including postal delivery .



      MONICOR method in Youtube. Seminar in Stockholm. Russian language and Swedish translation


      System requirements

You should meet the following requirements to your hardware, operating system:

  • for Windows 7
    RAM - min. 2 Gb;
    Free space on hard disk - min. 1000 Mb.
  • For Windows 8
    RAM - min 3 Gb;
    Free space on hard disk - min. 1000 Mb.
  • for Windows 10
    RAM - min. 4 Gb;
    Free space on hard disk - min. 1000 Mb.

      Maintenance & support

The ROFES set is guaranteed for two year from the invoice date: repair and replacement of sensors and measuring unit.

Post-guarantee maintenance:
- sensors and measuring unit repair;
- software upgrade.

Operating Instructions for ROFES/MONICOR software (PowerPoint presentation, 5Mb) :

- Diagnostics module

- Biological Feedback Corrections



Instructions on working with the ROFES set software (version 3.20)

Express-diagnostics of disadaptation syndrome by the "rofes-diagnostics" method (methodic recommendations for doctors, psychologists, valeologists)

Instructions for MONICOR method (version 4)

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