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The ROFES set. Version 3.25 and Version 4.13 (MONICOR method)

Modules and technologies of the ROFES software

Module "Diagnostics"

Three core measuring methods and analysis of the data obtained are the foundation of the "ROFES- diagnostics":

  • Corporeal method - traditional, by 12 main meridians;
  • Su Jouk - projecting method by bel-meridians of hand;
  • Vertebrology- diagnostics method by zones of spinous process of vertebra and by projection vertebral zones in Su Jouk system (see more in the article).

The current of measurement is bipolar (30; 60; 120 mcA), voltage - 4V.

One of the main advantage of the ROFES diagnostics, allowing to obtain authentic signs of clinical diagnoses confirmed by medical tests, is the computer analysis of human structures' three-dimensional matrixes united in an integrated system. This system reflects all the aspects of body state: as medical, characterizing the full "health cut", as well as psychological, reflecting one's emotional state defining one's behaviour in some situation.

The first multi-vector matrix is a Diagram based on the results of body's 12 main paired meridian diagnostics.


The second multi-vector matrix is a Frequency Spectrum obtained from each point of the meridians measured.


The third multi-vector matrix is a Chart based on the results of diagnosing 29 projection zones above spinous process of vertebra.


To fulfill a multi-level analysis "Expert System" module combines these energy structures, attaches anamnestic observations and anthropometric data and gives out a formalized conclusion about the patient's state (See conclusions of Expert System in Slide show).

Dividing clinical and psychological state allows to increase the diagnostics reliability and allows the patient to become aware of his psychological portrait which in most cases is the prime cause of his disease. Opportune correction of the patient's psychoemotional state according to the individual program in "Colour therapy" module often gives efficient positive effect.

The integration of all multi-vector matrixes is displayed in the software in the form of mathematic model of body's biofield structure (three-dimensional matrix of body structure).

Pic. 4. Biofield structure of human body

Additional methods in "Diagnostics" mode

Chakra-diagnostics by Su-Jouk - electroacupuncture diagnostics by energy centers in the "correspondence system" of Su Jouk method with the graphic display of energy centers' state; starting from Version 3.12 of the software three-dimensional model of energy centers' state is included.

Pic. 5.

AWP Express-diagnostics and Correction - short variant of AWP CORPOREAL METHOD, is used for patient's state express-analysis during rehabilitating procedures.

Express-diagnostics method is divided into three types:

  • by 12 points
  • by 1 points

The main features of express-method by several points are:

  • reducing the time of examination;
  • obtaining individual corridor of patient's normal functional state, relatively to which multi-frequency correction with biofeedback will be made;
  • obtaining spectrum characteristics for assessing the patient's state by nosologies, syndromes, symptomocomplexes and generating the signal of multi-frequency correction;
  • obtaining integral characteristics of patient's adaptability during rehabilitation procedures for monitoring.

Starting from Version 3.12 in "Diagnostics by one point" mode there is an automatic start of repeated measurement by one point with changed current (120 mcA) in order to improve reliability of diagnostics and remove background noise. The first measurement is a kind of test for the point measured.

Additional options in "Diagnostics" module

Assessing the effectiveness of rehabilitation procedures is made for assessing the patient's meridian system changes in dynamics during a certain period of time between two diagnostics (Pic. 6).

After choosing two "rofograms" necessary for comparison in the right table the assessment of effectiveness/not effectiveness is calculated. It shows the patient's meridian system state change that occurred during chosen period of time (between the dates of patient's measurements).

Dynamics of rehabilitating procedures process is aimed at assessing the dynamics of rehabilitating procedures process separately by each meridian during monitoring. The diagram is build for each meridian and shows how the meridian changed its state relatively to rehabilitating procedures process (Pic. 7).

Dynamics of Adaptation Potential integral assessment shows graphical changes of Adaptation Potential during certain period of time in the course of various treatments.

Table of spectrum characteristics tendencies. Beginning from Version 3.12 there is "Tendencies Table" in mode "Express diagnostics and correction" where you can analyze the frequencies coincidence for a patient by random number of measurements (diagnostics) with the desired mathematic expectation.

"Biological feedback corrections"Module

According to the obtained body structures' 3D matrixes the doctor is offered the ways of correction courses with using all body's communication systems: verbal, visual, sensory, meridian, covering the widest spectrum of environment's wave characteristics perception. Each of the communication systems mentioned transmits necessary correction signal to corresponding matrix awaiting for the correction. The whole complex of correction treatment courses enables to most efficiently carry out patient's rehabilitation and correct his 3D matrix structures.

Brain functions' matrixes are corrected through the energy information perception by the meridian structure controlling all the organism systems and providing the mechanism of connection among human physiological structures and generated psychic functions. This leads to the correction of mental states, and finally somatic deviations.

Thus, bringing body's meridian structure into harmonious state as a result of correction treatment by body's functional frequencies obtained during diagnostics leads to recovery from most of diseases. The number of procedures is defined by the degree of illness severity.

Simultaneous perception of the correcting information of narrower environmental wave spectrum - video and audio- provides fixing of positive achievements in the correction of body's meridian structure (See the description of "Colour therapy" module).

All the treatment is dosed and is performed under computer control via bio feedback on patient's diagnostics result. The treatment is automatically stopped after the corrected points' energy state reaches individual functional norm corridor.

Technologies of "Biological feedback corrections" Module

Correction Algorithm 1 allows to correct meridian system state following the automatically offered algorithm. The program chooses one or a number of points out of diagnosed, selects functional frequencies (endogenous frequencies) of these points and forms the correction signal.

Correction Algorithm 2 is made only for doctors. The program chooses one point out of diagnosed which is the most sensitive at the moment. The doctor can make the following correction:

  • Electroacupuncture corrections.
    Low frequency exposure to BAPs and BAZones by nosologies and symptomocomplexes calculated by Voll and Mandel methods, with bio feedback of watching the therapy results on PC display by the doctor ( below threshold treatment). Bipolar current- 30,60,120 mkA; tension- 4V; following frequency - 1-10000 Hz
  • MRT- magneto-resonance corrections.
    Low frequency exposure to BAPs and BAZones by nosologies and symptomocomplexes calculated by Voll, Mandel and Sh. Valdemar methods ( below threshold treatment). Magnetic induction - 2-15 mkTl; following frequency - 1-100000 Hz.

Specialist can select BAPs and BAZones for correction by frequencies entered into program and corresponding to nosologies and symptomocomplexes by Voll and Mandel methods.

All the correction is performed with the computer control via biofeedback on patient's diagnostics result.

"Taking photo of the disease" technology. It is a correction by the point corresponding to "pain syndrome" by Su Jouk method. It is started in mode "Express-diagnostics and correction by one point".

See more information about the technologies in slide-show "Algorithm of work and technologies of the ROFES software".

Additional options in "Biological feedback corrections" module

  • Transferring frequencies of corresponding nosologies into homeopathic carriers;
  • FREQUENCIES GENERATOR within the range of 1 to 100000 Hz allows to create frequency chains of correction with adding the existing information and wave methods (SCENAR, DENAS, ZIPPER, etc.).
  • Function of compressing frequencies for transfer to homeopathic carriers with saving these correction schemes in the patient's data. It helps to save time during the transfer to homeopathic carriers according to diagnostics results in all methods.
  • Selecting frequencies from correction schemes according to frequency diagnostics results. It is available in mode "Conclusions and correction" in all methods.
  • Function of saving correction scheme in patient's database. Available in all methods. It can be started in "Conclusions and Correction" mode. The scheme is saved in "Physiotherapy" mode and can be corrected by doctor according to the duration of each frequency from the scheme.
  • Correction with biofeedback. For visual tracing on point's reaction to correction process there is a visual outline of initial value of a point.
  • Correction with biofeedback. An automatic analysis of the corrected point (system) OVERACTIVATION is introduced. In case of overactivation during one minute, the process of correction is stopped.
  • Beginning from Version 3.14 there is Frequency correction scheme export file with a possibility of recording on CD or flash card for a patient.

Module "Colour therapy"

Color therapy. Special designed modules of visual stimulation with the feedback to energy constitution - 6 ancient key elements (KE).

People receive 80% of information through vision.

People receive 80% of energy and information flow from environment through the meridian structure that controls human body and emotional sphere.

The ROFES device unites these two information flows via biological feedback and patient's state is harmonized and as a result, the patient is cured.

In "Colour therapy" module there is an automatic selection of psychological affirmations according to the Expert System conclusions about backbone's functional state. Combined treatment of colour, music and affirmations (positive motivations to change one's emotional state) increases the effectiveness of psychosomatic deviations treatment.

"Colour therapy" module is effective for psychosomatic diseases. Also, referring to the ROFES users reports on the seminars, the application of "Colour therapy" combined with other treatment has a positive effect in such cases as gastritis, duodenitis, neurodermatitis, arthrosis, stroke.

"Address Color Therapy" know-how!

The technology includes the "ROFES-Color therapy" individual software, which is patient-oriented. This allows installing it on the patients PC at home and in the office.

After being diagnosed by a specialist during the reception, the patient is given files with the encrypted data and then he installs them into the individual software on the PC at home or/and in the office. According to the specialists instructions he can carry out the relaxation color therapy seances during 3-4 days based on the diagnostics results. All the clinic information in the ROFES-Color therapy individual software is closed.

After 3-4 days the patient is recommended to be examined repeatedly in order to refresh the data about his psychophysiological state in order to correct the color treatment seances.

Module "Selecting and testing remedies"

Technology of testing parasitosis

The ROFES medical diagnostic tool realizes the method of selection and testing any material and information structures introduced into human' energy space and interacting with the last.

By diagnostic results it is determined whether human energy characteristics are harmonized when interacting with Bio active additions, allopathic and homeopathic remedies, or not.

After finishing the test and selection, the color and text estimations of remedy's compatibility with patient's meridian structure state are formed and supplied.

Testing parasitosis with using any kinds of nosodes. Special adapters are used to connect the ROFES device and any kind of nosodes.

Electronic selector of testing the infectious agents

In electronic selector there is an optimum set of infectious agents geographically connected with middle latitude of northern hemisphere.

It is aimed at testing parasites, viruses, batteries.

Testing for type of patient's to allergy: regularly recurring, hormone-caused, initial.

Transferring to homeopathic carriers the information component of infectious agents tested and having positive resonance during diagnostics.

Module "Registry"

This module includes registration of medical records including visual information (photos, radiography and ultrasonic examination - pictures).

Capacity of database is limited by computer characteristics only (up to 10000 patients and 100 visits by each one).

  • archiving data
  • computer generated medical report for print

Module "Telemedicine"

"Virtual polyclinic" Technology

The purpose of this technology and module: increasing the quality of help for patients based on creating information space that will unite knowledge and experience of various specialists regardless of their location.

All users of the ROFES hardware and software devices can participate in telemedicine system because ROFES is adjusted for the exchange of information about patients' diagnostics results for further transferring information-diagnostics data and obtaining additional consultation from various specialists from all over the world.

The algorithm of work is the following:

  • The main center-server with various experienced specialists;
  • Specialized medical centers;
  • clients' stations - AWP ROFES

The "electronic connection" mode in ROFES software allows to send patient's diagnostics results, his anthropometric and anamnestic data, ultrasound, X-ray and video information to basic or specialized center. On the basis of information obtained the specialists of basic or specialized center give consultation and send a conclusion with necessary recommendations back to client's station - AWP ROFES. You can find more information about telemedicine system in the article "Some aspects of telemedicine".

The new version of the software "ROFES" - 4.13.

Monitoring of conditions adaptation and correction MONICOR method


   Determines up to 1170 results of functional states, symptomatic complexes and syndromes, with calculation of disease risks; Up to 70 psychoemotional states. Automatically calculates algorithms and performs compensatory correction of identified stress states.

     Very fast

   In the mode of the Diagnostics performs testing in 110 seconds. The next test after 1 minute (leveled phenomenon "Fatigue point")

     Very simple

   Works on a computer with a flash card in Windows. On tablets with a Windows 10 platform. On Apple with Windows 10 emulation.


Stand alone hardware/software, called Monitoring of adaptation and correction" based on the one pair acupuncture points.
1. Assessment of functional state of organs and systems, based at a pair of two similar points on the hands.

  • Test measurement duration is only 55 seconds !
  • Each step of the sequence monitoring session is 1 minute in duration.
  • The Result:
      The test results will show the functional states based on the real time assessment of 1340 of the potential risks of diseases and the subsequent syndromes. At the same time, the system will calculate the state of imbalance of all reflexology points of the 14 main meridians of the human body (746 points in total). In addition, one can see the virtual interactive acupuncture model with these 746 points. Real time monitoring can be setup for time intervals from 2 minutes to 3 hours.

    We can see the results of stress levels in real time in each monitoring step, e.g., every 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 minutes and so on.

    2. After assessment based on the two point pair measurement, the program is able to automatically create a correction frequency based on the data interpreted for this client. We can now see the effectiveness of the correction in a real time graphic representation. Each subsequent diagnostic operation takes into account the result of the correction of the previous diagnosis, thereby proving iterative information. Based on the biological feedback mode, this iterative information optimizes the assessment and correction process.
    3. At the same time, the system will launch the color therapy module during sessions which will double the correction effect of MONICOR.
    Additional reflexology module allows you to see the imbalance in the bio-energetic body and creates a follow-up recommendation based on reflexology science. During this process, we can see the imbalance of certain reflexology zones that correlate to certain syndromes.

    The new features of the software "ROFES" Version 4.13 (MONICOR method)

  • new !  Personal "Energy Security".     This strategically important mode
    allows the operator to organize his personal energetic defense from the influence of environmental factors
    ( including the negative influence or energy of colleagues or customers ).
    You can also use this mode to prevent dysfunction of your own psychosomatic condition.
  • new !  A mode of rapid testing and prevention of parasitic involvement was developed. An additional sensor connected to the computer and controlled by the software "ROFES" ("MONICOR" method) provides an operational test for parasitic involvement . The identified risks are compensated by activation of the body's compensatory mechanisms.
  • new !  With MONICOR, you can test how the body reacts to specific supplements and nutrients without eating them. Up to 5 substances can be tested at a time. This mode is not in the ROFES-E01C device for housewives. In it, you can evaluate the effect of drugs only by eating them.
  • Includes a special mode that visualizes acupuncture points of the main meridians from the left and right side plus their bio-energetic status on the screen of the virtual acupuncture model. During this time measurement (115 seconds), the program calculates the bio-energetic status of 1340 of the potential risks of diseases and the subsequent syndromes and 70 psycho-emotional characteristics.
  • To increase the accuracy of the tests, the program evaluates the environment and automatically performs calibrations to provide optimal results.
  • The program provides an auditory record and auditory change control psychophysiological states MONICOR sessions, as applied to individual psychotherapy and psycho.

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